Sustainability at Legal.Base

Legal.Base is committed to achieving the three pillars of Economic, Environmental and Social Sustainability in our company operations.

Economic Sustainability

To establish economic sustainability, Legal.Base offers a membership pricing model so that we can reduce any reliance on third-party advertising. Legal.Base is free to view, with fees charged to people benefitting from our premium services. Membership fees support our hosting and web development costs.

Environmental Sustainability

Our office is powered by 100% renewable electricity, purchased through Co-Operative Power.

Our hosting service provider is not currently able to offer carbon neutral hosting. We are currently working with them to identify how we can estimate our electricity consumption, so that we can calculate the volume of carbon sequestration we need to perform annually to achieve carbon neutral hosting. In the interim, 5% of all membership fees are being invested in to the foundations for dedicated sequestration, via a subtropical rainforest regeneration project located in Gippsland, Victoria, Australia.

To further fulfil our duty to protect the environment for future generations, a further 5% of all membership fees are donated to the Environmental Defender's Office, an Australian team of lawyers who are actively challenging government policies which allow unsustainable usages of the environment.

Social Sustainability

Our Founder and CEO is female. We are an inclusive hirer and support a range of gender options on our profiles.

Our office is leased from a not-profit community group.

Where possible, we source products and services from members-owned cooperatives.